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Our Universe

We are creating an original universe that will span across multiple mediums.

Discover something entirely new and unique, full of magic, wonderful creatures and love. Through the three central regions of Yummi Universe you’ll find an incredibly diverse set of characters, monsters and lore!

We take great pride in our work and are incredibly excited to onboard new users on this adventure.

Our Brand

Started as a collaboration with Naru Naru, a UK-based adorable merchandise business based on Naru’s food-loving adventures.

Yummi Universe aims to create a new original multimedia franchise similar to Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon and Hello Kitty.

By empowering positive messaging, breathtaking artwork and the power of our community, we aim to innovate and propose new high-quality products.

Our Mission & Vision

We firmly believe that the best way to deliver quality products is through time and passion. We want to follow the traditional game development pipeline and polish every single one of our games before releasing them to the public.

By taking a careful approach to crypto and NFT integration we aim to find the perfect balance to ensure that our products and games are secure, sustainable, grants players full custody over in-game assets, and most importantly fun and accessible to players of all demographics.

Naru Digital Collectibles

A Total of 20,000 Naru

On September 2021, 10,000 procedurally generated Naru collectibles launched on Cardano minting for 40 $ADA each with no whitelist system. Selling out in minutes, they became a staple of what the Cardano scene has to offer.

Then from October 2021 to July 2022, 10,000 more Naru followed. Spreading throughout 4 collections each represented a season of the year with minting prices ranging from 5 to 40 $ADA.

Originally launched with no promised utility, we have been working hard for more than a year on delivering our roadmap and will continue to do so. We are committed to making Naru a very important pillar of the Yummi Universe ecosystem now and moving forward.

Holder Perks and Utilities

via Staking
Access to
the Yummi Club
Whitelist to
Future Mints
Partake in

$YUMMI, Our Utility Token

Enjoy some of the best utility Cardano has to offer with our multiple upcoming games, staking, governance and a large array of partnered platforms. Mint other projects at a discount, buy raffle tickets or even use them to buy and sell NFTs on marketplaces.

$YUMMI is Trading Now On:

Fair Launch and Tokenomics

No $YUMMI was ever sold, be it in a public or private sale.
No starting price was ever set.

Initially airdropped to Series 1 NFTs holders, $YUMMI tokenomics aimed to be the fairest with 80% of all tokens reserved to fuel our many different utilities.

With current parameters, it would take about 15 years to reach maximum supply. In addition, with many systems coming into play we are working on economic sustainability.

You can find more details about $YUMMI tokenomics in our Litepaper.

Collect 100+ Cards In Our First Release

Our first collection consists of more than 100 playing cards with unique and original artwork.

However, this will only be the first of many booster pack releases that will expand our universes with more monsters, moves and trainers.

*Future packs sales will be mintable using the $YUMMI token.

Forever Yours Thanks To Cardano

Yummi Universe digital collectibles are stored on the Cardano blockchain. Built for a sustainable future, to help people work together through trustless applications, applying solutions to global problems.

Through open, inclusive, and academic methods, Cardano has been behind many groundbreaking research in the field of cryptography and distributed systems.

Learn more about Cardano over at

For more information

Read our litepaper over at

If you have any questions

Come hang out with us on Discord where the team and our lovely community can help you find answers!